Reasons to Buy Paintings for your Home or Office

A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires.
Hedy Lamarr

Lamarr’s quote is a beautiful one and quite apt. In fact, the three reasons he has given are very valid ones and could very well have formed the basis for this article on why you should buy paintings. But, we will go beyond them and explore other reasons why you should buy paintings for your home or office:

1. Quality of Life: Most art collectors buy paintings as financial investments. While art as an investment cannot be ignored, remember, that is not all it is.

Quality of life is distinct from standard of living and therefore, should not be equated with money. Quality of life stands for all the varied healthy emotions we feel: happiness, love, joy, peace, calm… Good paintings can arouse all these healthy emotions and thus improve the quality of life, not only at homes, but also in offices.

2. Elegance, creativity, uniqueness: If chosen with care, a painting will not only beautifully cover an empty expanse of wall; it will also add a touch of elegance, creativity and uniqueness to the environs of your home and office. Especially in an office setting, a beautiful painting can give off very positive vibes to prospective clients and employees.

3. Harmonise your home/office interiors: Buying a painting that matches the colours of the furnishings is a very easy way to harmonise the interior design of your home/office if you feel that the décor or colours just don’t flow. The key here is to choose a painting that complements all the existing colours in that room.

Many of the reasons that justify why people buy paintings cannot be eloquently expressed in words; you need to have a painting before you to know them.

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