Oil Paints

The wonderful vibrant works that can be created with oil paints make them very attractive to many art connoisseurs.  But oil paints are not only for the elite art community any more.  Today, many artists paint with this unique medium and sell their painting online.  Oil paints for sale can now be found anywhere from the streets of Paris to New York.  Now with oil paintings online, anyone can bring these great works of art into their living room.  Painting online can be found in a range of prices.  Cheaper oil paintings for sale on Art Paint King oil paintings allow anyone, on any budget the ability to own an oil masterpiece.


Oil paintings also can make great birthday present ideas. With more and more people today looking to purchase painting online, more artists are making oil paintings for sale on websites so that they can display their painting online to reach larger audiences. Oil paints where originally used to paint shields because of their durability to the elements. Oil paints are better able to resist water than most other mediums.  Artists also like to add additional protection in the form of varnish. Varnish can only be applied after oil has had a proper length of time to set. Oil paintsare unique in that they can be worked for up to a day after they are first applied. This slow drying time afford the artist a unique opportunity to change their painting until they are satisfied. Oil paints also tend to be a thick painting medium.

There are many different techniques that can be applied to oil paints that create different textured appearance to the surface of a painting.  In the late 1800s, another innovation made oil paints more versatile.  Instead of having to mix paints from raw materials and mediums, paints were now available in easy to carry tubes.  Artists were now able to venture out from their confined studios out into the world.   It wasn’t until the 13th century that oil paint was used widely in tempera paintings.  Techniques in oil painting did not take its modern form until a technique was founded in 1410 by Jan van Eyck, a Flemish painter.  Eyck is credited for being the first artist to mix siccative oil mixture.  This technique allowed the use of mineral pigments which produced some of the most vibrant colours. Oil based paints date back to 650 AD.  These early examples of oil paint used materials like walnut and poppy seed oils.  Oil paints were not very widespread because of the materials not being available.  In ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, there are few examples of oil paints because of the properties of the oils available to them tended to darken and crack making it a poor medium for use in paintings.  Oil was instead used more as a varnish to cover art work to protect it from water.

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