Mother’s Day Gift Idea

I want a day of sentiment, not profit

~Anna  Jarvis

Anna, the founder of the concept of Mother’s day, echoes the feelings of mothers around the world. Shared love, happiness and joy are what they wish for. These are things that money can’t buy. And, yet, while we know that they don’t want material things to know that they are loved, we still like to gift them those besides intangible ones such as our love and time on this day.

Abstract art, especially when bought with your mother in mind can be a perfect gift. The fad these days maybe gift certificates, spa trips and the like. But, you have got to agree that these are transient. A spa trip on a weekend, a dinner on a weekday at a hotel and your gifts are gone.

Abstract art oil paintings, on the other hand, will stand the test of time. If chosen with care to ensure that they match your mother’s personality and her inherent likes, then an oil painting will brighten up her day considerably. If you don’t really want to keep the gift a surprise, you could show her the collection of paintings in an online art gallery and have her choose the one she likes best.

Beautifully done abstract art will surely appeal to her and will adorn the walls of one of the rooms in her house – thus keeping your gift with her for years to come, at least till the next mother’s day comes around.

If you do decide to gift her an oil painting, you might want to go the online route to make your purchase, since it is more convenient. But, ensure that you are buying the painting from a genuine online art gallery to avoid frauds.

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