How to Complement Your Interior Decorating with Art

Art for Home

Your home or apartment is your sanctuary, a place where you can display the things that you like and design rooms that are in the colours and styles that make you happy. To enhance the furniture, wall colours and other decorative elements that you have in your home, you need to hang up art paintings that fit into your design scheme easily. There are millions of different paintings out there, so there is bound to be many that will work with the aesthetics of your living space. When choosing art for your home, pay attention to these elements to make sure that the art paintings you select will complement your interior decorating.

  • Choose paintings that are in the same genre as your furniture and other design pieces.

If your furniture is old-fashioned, such as antique coffee tables and rocking chairs, then you should select more old-fashioned style paintings. You would not want to mix a Victorian-era painting with a modern style of furniture, so identify what type of items you already have in your home and choose paintings that fit in with this style.

  • Choose colours that blend with the colours of your walls, furniture and accessories.

If your walls are orange, then select a painting that utilises shades of orange, as well as other colours that blend to make your wall colour pop. Select art paintings that utilise colours that are in the same family as all of the accessories, furniture and walls in a particular room so that everything looks good together. For example, if everything in a room is in pastels, it would not be a good idea to choose a painting that uses neon colours. Use your judgment and try to use colours that look good together.

  • Choose paintings that fit the overall mood of your living area.

Your art paintings should add to the mood of your home. Whether it is romantic, relaxing, welcoming, or even playful you will be able to find a painting that works with the mood of your space.

Use art paintings to add to your living area and to turn a regular old house or apartment into your unique home.  Choose from our wide selection of oil paintings to suit your style and taste.

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