How to Care for your Abstract Canvas Paintings?

Abstract art can be quite an interesting addition to any décor. If you have bought an abstract art painting done in oil, or for that matter any oil painting, you will have to take certain measures to ensure that painting lasts long. Given below are some simple tips for care and maintenance of abstract canvas paintings done in oil:

    1. Light is a painting’s worst enemy. Excessive light, be it natural or artificial, will damage the painting. Avoid placing the painting too close to a light source, since the heat generated by the source can also harm the painting. Preferably, place it in an area that has a diffuse light source at least ten feet away from the oil painting.
    2. Extremes in temperature can cause the canvas and wooden stretchers holding the painting to expand or contract, thus causing the painting to crack and flake off. Same goes for humidity, since wood and canvas absorb water leading to expansion and contraction.
    3. If you have to transport abstract canvas paintings from one room to another or if you are moving house, hold them on both sides of the frame and not from the top of the frame or with the hanging wire.
    4. Dust and dirt can settle on abstract canvas paintings easily especially if the canvas has been framed as is without glass on top. Ensure that you do not place it in rooms where it would be prone to dust – especially where people smoke or in close vicinity to fireplaces or candles. Also the paintings can be gently cleaned occasionally with a soft, clean microfiber cloth.

Often, care and maintenance are not enough to prevent the decline of an oil painting, if it was substandard to begin with. Ensure you purchase your abstract art painting from a genuine art gallery online that delivers quality products.

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