Buying Paintings Online – 5 Things to Consider

For many art buyers, collectors and appreciators, paintings in their versatile combination of subjects, colours and styles continue to be the most popular art form. Today, the internet has transformed the way paintings are discovered and collected – with the most beautiful and moving ones just a click away.

If you have decided to purchase a painting from an online art gallery, here are some considerations you ought to take:

Legitimacy of the gallery: All’s not well in the world of the great wide web. Enough frauds and scams have been heard of and it pays to be wary. If oil paintings online at any art gallery attract your eye, ensure that you check the website thoroughly to ensure its legitimacy before going ahead and adding them to your purchase cart.

Payment policy: Only buy paintings online at websites that offer secure payment options. Read through their payment policy to gauge if it’s legal enough.

Method of delivery: Check for mode of delivery. Legitimate online galleries will have quick delivery methods and also provision for redelivery if you are unavailable the first time round. If the gallery provides insurance for your paintings, that’s another plus.

Refund policy: Most genuine art galleries will feature a refund policy in cases of discrepancies in the painting or any damage incurred during delivery.

Your house/office interiors: Lastly, remember that one of the biggest disadvantages of buying paintings online is the inability to see it in person. Keep the size you need, the exact room and wall back ground you will be placing it against and the styling of your interiors in mind before deciding on a painting. It is very likely that a lovely piece of art might not look all that lovely in your house or office. So choose wisely.

If you have any questions about purchasing a piece of art, contact Art Paint King and we will be happy to assist you.

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