Birthday Present Ideas

Group oil paintings are the newest trend in fine art.  Whether you are considering a painting for yourself or as birthday present ideas, there is sure to be a group oil painting for any situation. Take a look at the featured group oil paintings today to find the perfect group oil painting for you. Group oil paintings are also the perfect work of art for offices. Cover a whole wall in any reception room with several panels of art which together give the room a level of sophistication to even the most boring waiting rooms.


Group oil paintings can change any room in your house, adding a smart modern looking touch. Group paintings are available in a variety of size combinations. Some group use the combination of different canvas size to add an additional artistic feature to the paintings. Group paintings tend to take up a large area of wall space so they can spruce up any large section of bare wall in your house. A group painting can be as simple as taking a large image and splitting it onto several canvases.  Images can be of anything from a tropical island to a single flower. The splitting of the painting gives the painting a uniqueness to an otherwise normal oil painting. Art Paint King oil paintings will definitely be on the top of any birthday present ideas list.

Split like other abstract oil paintings, group abstract painting can have a range of different subject matter. Some groups are as simple as lines which draw the viewer’s eyes through several panels of the painting group. Other more complicated paintings might include geometric groups which are repeated in different sizes and orientations in each panel. This group of paintings usually consists of four panels.  Each panel created with oil paints depicts the same image but in a different season. Images can be of any subject matter from nature to famous landmark. Placed side by side these paintings can create a very original display. These paintings usually depict the same identical image repeated over multiple panels.  Each panel has a different colour theme. Some of the simplest paintings are just black and white with the second panel an exact negative of the original painting.  More complicated groups use the play of different colours to make each panel unique. Negative/Reliefs Subject matters are as varied as the variety of sizes. Here are just a few types of group oil paintings for sale that you can expect to find.  Looking for a truly unique piece of art for you or as birthday present ideas? Consider group oil paintings for sale now online. Group oil paintings consist of multiple panels of painting placed side by side to create one complete comprehensive work of art which can be great birthday present ideas.

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