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At Art Paint King, we take the stress out of purchasing art. Our online art gallery presents a huge selection of handmade oil paintings to suit any residential or commercial space. We also pride ourselves on the low prices of our artworks which still maintain a high quality and beautiful aesthetic no matter what style you choose.

Our online art gallery is categorised for your convenience. Choose from abstract art, animals, flowers, landscapes, modern art, people, seascapes, still life or group oil paintings.

All of our artworks have been created using the finest oil paints and stretched on durable canvas. You can select from a number of standard sizes, while we also offer you the option of customising a size to fit a specific wall in your home or office.

Once you’ve registered with us and purchased an artwork from our online art gallery, we offer fast delivery to your location. The purchasing process is fast not only because you can select your artwork online, but we also accept payments via paypal which is a fast and secure method for online payments.

View Art Paint King’s online art gallery, and choose from our vast selection of beautiful, handmade oil paintings. For any other queries or interest, contact us today.

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