How Art Can Liven Up Your Office

Sitting in an office for 8 hours a day, 40 hours per week can drain your energy and leave you feeling listless and dull. Most offices are filled with boring, grey walls and very little excitement or colour. Add in tedious work duties and mundane meetings and your job can literally sap all of your energy. The dullness of most offices today can actually have a negative effect on how much work that you get done.


Recent studies have shown that when your work environment is more vibrant and colourful, your creativity and productivity improves. So how can you make the office that you work in a brighter, more fun place to work? You can change your work environment with minimal costs by hanging up beautiful art paintings in key spots.

All you need to do to increase your work efficiency and get your creative juices flowing is place art paintings in pivotal spots in the office. If you own the business or are a manager, you can probably hang works of art in common areas like hallways, kitchens, and meeting rooms without having to receiver prior approval. If you are not a manager, you can ask yours if you can help to improve the mood in the office by hanging works of art up. Usually, if you explain that art can increase creative thoughts and brilliant ideas, your manager will be all for it. You can also hang art paintings in your own personal office, desk area or cubicle that will inspire you to work more effectively and will keep you in good spirits throughout the entire work day.

Art has so many benefits, including increasing productivity at work and helping to influence creative problem-solving and ideas. Hang up some art paintings around your workspace to influence everyone to work with a more positive outlook.

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