How Art Can Influence Your Mood

Have you ever noticed that when you look at a particular painting or piece of art, that you start to feel a certain way? You might look at the cheerful and bright sunflowers in the Vincent Van Gogh painting called “Sunflowers” and feel transported to a warm summer’s day, without a care in the world.

Art has special powers that go beyond just showing you something pretty, interesting, or objectionable. Art can make you feel things, depending on how you interpret a particular piece. It can influence your mood for the better or worse and can make you think about things that never crossed your mind before.

When you look at an art painting that is done in certain colours, most likely your mood will be altered. Certain colours can inspire certain feelings, for example:

  • Yellow can make you feel energised, positive and elated. Yellow is often equated with the warm sun, which gives everything on the Earth vital energy and rays of sunshine are seen as comforting. Use paintings with primarily yellow in your bedroom to brighten up your mornings.
  • Red can make you feel powerful and confident, like you can conquer the world. Use red art paintings in your bathroom or kitchen to inspire you while you are getting ready in the morning or making breakfast.
  • Blue has a calming and tranquilising effect on a person. Use paintings that have primarily blue in bathrooms or spare bedrooms, to relax your guests.

Art and the many colours used in works of art can really influence the moods of people in the same room. When you look at a specific colour, certain emotions may come to the surface. Utilise the effects of the power of art by placing certain art paintings that showcase one particular colour in rooms where they will be needed.

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