How to Arrange Abstract Art Perfectly

Nothing spruces up the interiors of any establishment, be it residential or commercial, better than a piece of abstract art from a modern art gallery. If you are looking to install one or more such paintings on the wall of your office or home, read this before you start hammering the nails in.

The art arrangement tips below assume that you have bought the abstract art with care – keeping your likes and your house’s décor in mind.

Look beyond the standard: We are always trained to think and envision in an orderly fashion. Skip order for a bit and try disorder for a change. Don’t just buy a collection of paintings in one standard size. Many modern art galleries allow you to buy paintings in custom sizes.


Don’t just start: Paintings, nails, a hammer and a wall. Done. If that is the way you hang up your collection of paintings, you will be very sorry indeed. For best results, trace the outline of your picture frames on a Kraft paper and cut them out. Temporarily stick them on the wall and move them around until you get an arrangement you like. Again, don’t be afraid to experiment with disorder. You could arrange them in a square or rectangular shape, but try a staggered look, vary the spacing between frames and see if that makes the arrangement more pleasing.

If it feels right, it is right: You could go out of the ordinary with the arrangement. Try to trust your instincts. Does arrangement A ‘feel’ better than arrangement B? Would you rather see your collection near the staircase than over the mantel? Do what ‘feels’ right and you may be surprised at the results.

In the end, remember that while there are some ground rules for abstract art arrangement, the ‘perfect’ look will depend on ‘your’ idea of perfection.

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